What do I need to bring to my photo session?

Brodie Jayne’s Photography will gladly do a free consultation for you and help you pick clothing ideas that are timeless and comfortable. Color choices are important and choosing the right colors for your skin tone is the key. Avoiding trendy choices for families is important. I want you to hang your portrait on the wall for years to come! High school seniors can bring anything and everything. Their session is meant to capture all that is them! A variety of looks is great – anything from boots to high heels and of course tennies and sandals. Once you arrive, we can do a consultation with what you have brought.

How should I wear my hair?

Brodie Jayne is a licensed hairdresser and includes all hair styles in the sitting fee. Please do not go to the salon prior to your appointment – hot rollers and irons, along with professional products, will be ready. (Plus, this gives us time to get to know each other!) If you have stubborn hair and know your routine needs more time, please take the necessary steps to do your hair. (I will help you touch it up once you are here.) This applies to everyone, 2 to 80!

Should I have my make up done professionally? 

If you are coming in for a boudoir session, yes. If you are coming in for a family session you should do your makeup the way you would every day and then bring it along with you. If we need to add more for that perfect picture, we will. If necessary, we can do some photographic artwork to remove blemishes, whiten your teeth or other personal request.

When is the balance due?

The day that you set your appointment the sitting fee is due – this will confirm and hold your appointment slot. The day of the session your package is due in full. This allows me to post the images to your email right away and keep a proper workflow. Brodie Jayne Photography will discuss all the options prior to the session to make sure you are served in the best way possible.

Can I bring my friend?

It is preferred that the only people attending are the subjects. Having extra people does not increase the fun as one might think. It actually hinders the creative workflow for Brodie and interferes with the time needed to get to know the subject. And truth be told, no one likes to be watched during their portraits, so this also includes parents of teens.



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