Brodie Jayne’s Photography has enjoyed 19 years of successful business in one of California’s most beautiful valleys.  What started as a labor of love, photographing friends and family since high school, has evolved into a thriving business. I enjoy meeting new customers and relish in seeing the old ones returning.  The name Brodie Jayne may jog memories of timeless hand painted photography for many people; the bookings were at times four months out.  As wonderful as that was one thing is for sure, technology keeps changing and advancing, so much that it took my studio from film, enlargers and tray developing to a state of the art gallery, completely digital.  I have to say, I do feel like there is a huge part of me missing but I still offer the hand painted portraits on an individual basis, by request.

What is BJP’s specialty now?  The sky is the limit!  Creating memories for families from the ground up would sum it up best.  From your precious wedding day, to your first child, achievements along the way and senior portraits are all among my favorite sessions.  Sassy, romantic boudoir sessions are a blast!

There is nothing more rewarding than capturing the inner beauty of someone for them to share with their true love, always tasteful and classy.  Maternity portraits are right along the same lines; I love to see the beautiful shape and truly intimate expressions that come from these sessions.  I can’t leave out all my professional head shot clients, I’ve met more wonderful people in this category. (And have a big list of contacts if I should need a realtor or a plumber!)

Whatever your needs are just ask, I would be happy to help.

I pride myself in being very easy going and approachable.  I’m patient and strive to put parents at ease, knowing they have said every prayer on the way to the studio, hopeful of a successful shoot.  Hey, I can be just as silly as and two year old or any tween out there!  I’m a good ear in every facet of my life, especially when I’m learning about my new clients.  When I’m working with my client(s) my goal is to learn as much about them as possible.  I listen, learning about their lifestyles and interest, helping me to extract more of their individuality and make true to life art pieces.  This is what I’ve found to be the best way to create very true to “their” life art pieces.  I love to hear it said, “you captured my family perfectly, this is who we are!”

Everyone appreciates humor and positive energy, those tools are just as important as my camera gear.  Genuine laughter creates undeniable true smiles.  I love to give direction in a role playing fashion, having my clients walking through a series of instruction, with fun and surprises added in, the word “smile” will never be spoken, you will be doing so already.  It’s a known fact with all my clients that I will never, EVER say the word “smile”.  That is the quickest way to create tension and insecurity.

I was drawn to photography as a teenager; I most loved shooting friends, outings and portraits of my best buddies! (And I do have to admit…. bossing the friends and family around and finding out that they would do most anything I said was very exciting!)  With that in mind, imagine the artistic possibilities that stem from this!

My high school teacher Kim Brown was my hero; she inspired and molded her students, thank you Mrs. Brown!  I spent so many hours in that darkroom at Placer High School and loved every moment of it.  I still have a darkroom to this day.  I continue my education every year, traveling to Imaging U.S.A. and enjoying the teachings of our industries most prestigious photographers from around the world!  I can proudly say I am an Artist and appreciate beauty, it’s all around us and every person has the ability to be beautiful, it’s my pleasure to create and present it.

From the time you arrive at the BJP studio until the event of receiving your portraits I will strive to meet the individual needs of my clients.  No two people or circumstances are the same; I take my job very personal and strive to deliver very personal customer service to every client!  You are my family once you pass through my door, I will see you again, I promise.

BJP is a full service studio, taking appointments Tuesday through Saturday.  Being the only photographer as well as the owner, I am by appointment.  Please call or email if you have any questions or would like information on pricing.





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